Course Benefits

You are in the right place if you want to...

  • Reduce Stress

    Our online course offers a unique blend of personal styling and professional organizing, specifically designed to reduce the stress associated with cluttered wardrobes and chaotic closets. By transforming these spaces into boutique-style, shoppable areas, we not only simplify your daily routine but also empower you to confidently express your authentic style every day.

  • Save Money

    We uniquely equip you to effectively curate your wardrobe, saving you money by preventing unnecessary or impulsive purchases that don't align with your personal style or flatter your body. Our personalized approach combines style discovery, wardrobe analysis, and organization techniques, all aimed at creating a killer wardrobe and benefitting you financially.

  • Gain Confidence

    Experience a transformation of self-confidence as we guide you to create outfits that not only turn heads but truly reflect your unique essence. Our comprehensive online course is complemented by access to an exclusive, supportive Facebook group. Join a close-knit community of like-minded individuals who will cheer you on, share insights, and celebrate your successes together.

Course Outline

    1. Overview

    2. Our "Why"

    3. Meet the Experts

    4. Tour of the Course Software

    5. Introduction to the Facebook Community

    6. Survey: Before you get started...

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Lesson 1: How And What to Identify about YOU

    3. Download: Measurement Guide for Style Assessment

    4. Download: Take the Style Assessment

    5. Lesson 3: Create A Vision Board To Identify Authentic Style

    6. Download: Vision Board Workbook

    7. Learning Check

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Lesson 1: How to Determine Your Body Type

    3. Download: Body Measurement Guide

    4. Download: Bra Measurement Guide

    5. Download: Know Your Body Type Workbook

    6. Lesson 2: Determine Your Style Type

    7. Download: Style Type Workbook

    8. Learning Check

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Lesson 1: Introduction to Professional Organizing

    3. Lesson 2: How To Purge Your Closet

    4. Download: Closet Purging Guide

    5. Learning Check

    1. Lesson 1: Sorting and Design Strategies

    2. Download: Closet Sorting Guide

    3. Lesson 2: How To Maximize Your Closet Space

    4. Download: Professional Organizer Product Guide

    5. Download: Professional Organizer Design Guide

    1. Overview

    2. Lesson 1: How To Shop Your Closet

    3. Lesson 2: How To Tackle the Shopping Experience

    4. Download: Shopping Tips Workbook

    5. Learning Check

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  • 44 lessons

Pricing options

This course is designed to work at your own pace. You have access to the course for as long as you need it. For that reason we offer a three month payment plan, if that works better for your budget.